Target Stencil for Steel Target Paint

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Designed to be used with our Steel Target Paint.

On the S.A.S.S. Cowboy design, you end up with two stencils, one being the positive and one being the negative. You can use either one to create an image on the steel target. The best option though is to use the negative stencil so that the paint sprays on the steel target and not on the magnetic material. If you use the positive part of the stencil, be sure to wear disposable gloves to keep the paint from getting on your hands. Wearing disposable gloves is a good idea regardless of which stencil you use because if you have already sprayed paint through/on the stencil, you will get paint on your hands when trying to use it again on another target. Once you spray the stencils a few times, you will get the hang of how much paint to spray and how far back to hold the can, etc. It takes a few times to get good at it. The stencils will sometimes need to be manipulated to get them aligned properly, especially if you have a steel plate that is angled or if there is paint build up on the target. If a steel target has too much paint build up, the magnetic stencil will not adhere very well and the paint will need to be cleaned off. The fun way to clean the paint build up off is to use your shotgun to blast the paint off. For the cowboy action shooter, it is a good opportunity to practice your load and shoot technique on the Coach gun or ’97 Winchester! ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION WHEN SHOOTING STEEL TARGETS!