Pro Ears - Electronic Hearing Protection - Gold II 30

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Altus Brands Pro Ears - Gold II 30 - Electronic Hearing Protection & Amplification Earmuffs - NRR 30

Pro Ears

The Pro Ears Gold II 30 amplifies sounds up to 8x with high fidelity. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is 30. Proprietary DLSC Compression Technology for a clean and natural uninterrupted sound quality while shooting. Ideal for indoor or outdoor range use, this Gold II 30 features Auto shut off, Military grade circuit boards, low battery indicator, and separate volume controls for fine tuning to your hearing requirement in each ear. Gel Ear Seals with proprietary design for extra comfort and extended wear in hot and cold climates, coupled with a 1.5 milli second response time. Uses four AAA batteries (not included). Five year warranty. Designed & Assembled in the USA.