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A hydrophobic, two-part polyurethane, expanding foam, designed to rapidly provide intermediate backfill for setting poles. It forms a high-density, high-strength foam that can structurally support the pole and maintain its upright position. Hardware may be strung after 15 minutes. Serves as a barrier impending the migration of preservation materials into the surrounding soil and ground water. Displays excellent adhesion to wood and manufactured poles and does not require the use of primers. Two-year shelf life.



  • Target stands
  • Awning posts
  • New poles - transmission and distribution
  • Leaning pole
  • Street lighting poles
  • Dusk-to-Dawn light poles
  • Gate and fence posts
  • Highway DOT sign post
  • Pad leveling

Basic Information

  • POLE SETTING FOAM saves money and increases efficiency. It replaces traditional methods of backfilling distribution poles, transmission poles, and decorative street lighting during installation.
  • POLE SETTING FOAM is a hydrophobic two-part polyurethane foam that expands to fill the peripheral void between a pole and the hole. It forms a high-density, high-strength foam that can structurally support the pole and maintain its upright positioning. POLE SETTING FOAM also serves as a redundant environmental barrier between the pole material and its surroundings.
  • POLE SETTING FOAM displays excellent adhesion to most pole materials, including wood poles treated with pentachlorophenol, CCA, ACA, etc. and without the use of primers. After mixing, it foams immediately and reaches 50% of full strength in approximately 3 minutes and 80% within 60 minutes. Once poured, the POLE SETTING FOAM expands approximately 15 times its original volume and sets the pole in 3 minutes creating a proven solid foundation material. It removes the need to backfill by traditional methods and the "tamping" associated with it.
  • POLE SETTING FOAM significantly reduces labor requirements as no backfilling is required and hardware can be strung after 15 minutes.
  • Because POLE SETTING FOAM is hydrophobic, its physical properties will not be affected by wet soil or small amount of standing water in the hole; however, we recommend the standing water does not exceed 2 inches with the structure in the hole.

Features & Benefits

Superior to stone in resistance to overturning and equal to crushed stone against uplift Eliminates the need to transport heavy rock and stone backfill
Hardens quickly (10 - 15 minutes) with compressive strengths three to four times that of tamped soil Poles are set faster, thus restoring service to the customer quicker and with added strength

Technical Highlights

Color: Visual
Part A: Light Brown
Part B: Dark Brown
Mixed: Yellow
Working Life
Rise Time: 2 Minutes (ASTM D2237)
Gel Time: 2.5 Minutes - 3 Minutes (ASTM D2471)
Tack Free Time: 5.0 Minutes
Full Cure Time: 12 Hours
Drastic Temperature Change Bonded: Little Chance of Cracking
Performance: (cured)
Density: 5.5 - 6.0 lbs/ft3 (ASTM D1622)
Compressive Strength (psi): 75 Minimum (ASTM D1621)
Porosity: >90% Closed-Cells (ASTM D2856)
Water Absorption : 0.02% ASTM D2842
Shear Strength (psi): 42 Minimum (ASTM D732)
Tensile Strength (psi): 64 Minimum (ASTM D1623)
Cohesive Shear (dry): 22.9 psi (ASTM D3080)
Cohesive Shear (wet): 20.9 psi (ASTM D3080)
Chemical Resistance: (ASTM D543)
Water: Excellent
Salt Water: Excellent
Sulfuric Acid 20%: Excellent
Gasoline: Excellent
Diesel Fuel: Excellent
Hydrochloric Acid 20%: Excellent
Ammonium Hydroxide 10%: Good
Sodium Hydroxide, Concentrate: Good
Fungus: Excellent

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Safety Data Sheet