Hunters HD Gold/Ruby - Advanced Shooting Lenses - Aircrew

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From the Creators of Hunters HD Gold® comes Hunters HD Ruby®! The ultimate choice for Shotgunners! All the same benefits as Hunters HD Gold® - Trivex Lens Material, Photochromic, Medical Ruby Dye, Anti-Reflective Coatings and Each Lens being manufactured one lens at a time.

Hunters HD Ruby Steve Foster

Aircrew is the Official Cockpit Approved Frame Manufactured for the USA Air Force (By ArtCraft Optical, Made in the USA!)

Feather Weight

Available in Large 58mm Eye

Spring Hinges

Adjustable Nose Piece

Designed for Shotgunners


Rx Prescription

Digital progressive lenses and single vision prescriptions are available. For all prescription orders, click here, scroll to the bottom and fill out the form, make sure to mention Discount codes not valid on prescription orders.

Technical Highlights:

OSHA Z87+1,+2 RX ANZI-2020 Safety Protective Eyewear*

All OSHA-approved prescription and non-prescription safety glasses must have markings specified by the ANSI Z87+1-2020 standard on both the lenses and the frame of the eyewear. Hunters HD Ruby® is rated and tested at ANSI Z87+1-2020 which gives you protection of .25" steel ball traveling at 150 fps. Hunters HD Ruby® Rx use Z87+2 Safety Frames as well for prescriptions.


"The glasses bring a level of enhancement to a red dot that I've not seen before. I've mainly practiced with them on steel targets with red dot equipped firearms and the experience has been fantastic. I wouldn't hesitate to use these in Steel Challenge. I've not had the opportunity to use them on cardboard USPSA targets. They seem to have all the contrast benefits of traditional Hunters HD Gold® lenses while providing the extra benefit of added red dot legibility/contrast. I can't wait to use them in competition."
- John Holbrook/Competitive Shooter

"Overall - With what I struggle with as a shooter it is the perfect remedy. I struggle keeping my eye on the front sight in optic from time to time. This makes the front sight like a spotlight against a dark wall. I cannot wait to put them to the test and an actual match."
- Steven Foster/Competitive Shooter

"I pulled the new glasses out of the box and first impression on the color before I put them on was wow they seem to very dark. After putting them on (on an overcast day) was how everything changed to a Mars perspective. As I adjusted to the view one key aspect was very distinct. The definition and the clarity of the lens was incredible. The front sight and target popped in comparison to the surroundings."
- Eric Martin/Competitive Shooter

"The clays looked like they were glowing. I noticed a much better performance with the red lenses versus the yellow. The brightness of the clays made them better to differentiate between the background. On that note, the lenses made green trees a very dark, rich green color. This made the orange clays pop out a lot. Nothing negative about wearing the red lenses to shoot clays."
- Bridget Cunningham/Competitive Shooter