Hunters HD Gold/Ruby - Advanced Shooting Lenses - Velocity

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Hunters HD Gold enhance clarity and contrast while automatically adjusting to whatever lighting conditions the day may bring. Trivex® material provides superior optics and enhanced safety.

Hunters HD Gold Velocity

Advanced Lens Technology

  • Improves Low Light Conditions
  • Reduces Glare and Haze
  • Reduces Eye Strain
  • Enhances Contrast

Velocity is Recommended for Pistol & Rifle Shooting:

Come in different option frames. Please choose which color you would like as well as Clear or Smoked.

Stylish Design made for better Speed and Movement
Cutting Edge Materials for Unparalleled Comfort
Dual Density Protection for Safety
Feather-Light Weight vs Current Styles
Custom Fit Nose Pads, a first for Hunters HD Gold
Infinitely Adjustable Temples with Wire Core
Z87+1 and Z87+2 for Rx

Frame Size in mm
Eye: 57
Temple: 133
Bridge: 15

    Velocity Regular Styles and Colors:

    • Grey & Black - Clear Side Shields
    • Grey & Black - Smoke Side Shields

    Rx Prescription

    Digital progressive lenses and single vision prescriptions are available. For all prescription orders, click here, scroll to the bottom and fill out the form, make sure to mention Discount codes not valid on prescription orders.

    Technical Highlights:

    ALL Frames passed testing administered by an independent 3rd party, including ANSI Z87.1-2015 test for High Mass Impact and High Velocity Impact, as well as CSA Z94.3 testing for Impact Resistance.


    “I was fortunate enough to shoot the 2016 Alabama State Steel Match with my new Hunters HD Gold prescription glasses. I was able to achieve 5 State Titles due to how well the glasses performed in both direct sunlight and under cloud cover across two days. As the shooting conditions changed, I did not have to fumble around to find different glasses. Instead, the lenses changed to the lighting conditions for me. Words cannot explain how great the contrast is. My front sight has never been so clear! I can firmly say my shooting performance will no longer be limited by the glasses I wear. Thank you so much to the Hunters HD Gold team for putting the time and effort into researching and developing the best pair of shooting glasses I have ever tried on!”
    - Steven Foster/Captain of Steel Target Paint Shooting Team

    "I shot the best I have ever shot wearing these glasses. I scored a 43/50 with my M4 rifle."
    SPC Lima/U.S. Army MA National Guard

    "Really impressed with the clarity of the lenses. I was able to accurately acquire my targets. I shaved 1.5 seconds off my time on the speed challenge. When I look at the steel targets that are painted white with Steel Target Paint, the glasses just make the targets pop out at you."
    John H./Competitive Shooter

    "These glasses are outstanding. Worth the money if you want a good quality lens."
    - Sergeant First Class Andre/U.S. Army MA National Guard

    "I like the ability to acquire my target with the clarity of the lenses. I scored 50/50 with my Glock 23."
    - Officer Donahue/Brimfield Police Department