Distributor Certification

Distributor Certification for Hazmat Shipping

Distributors of Steel Target Paint who ship the product via UPS or FedEx are required to be trained to ship hazardous materials per Code of Federal Regulations (CFR 49 parts 172.702 and 172.704) in order to establish a shipping contract with FedEx or UPS. By having a shipping agreement with the carrier of your choice you will be able to negotiate lower shipping rates to your customers. This will help you with other products you sell as well if you don’t already have a shipping agreement. RangeStore.net has partnered with Environmental Resource Center and developed a training program with a specific focus on shipping pressurized aerosol containers via ground services utilizing an online presentation. The training presentation is followed by a quiz that has 8 multiple choice questions. Once the quiz is completed and all 8 test questions answered correctly we will issue you a certificate of compliance which is to be renewed every 3 years. The training and quiz will take less than 1-2 hours to complete. The course materials on the online presentation can be used to answer the questions on the test. Again, this certification is developed for shipping aerosols by ground shipping services on UPS or FedEx only. The certification would not apply to any other hazard class then class 2 “Gases / pressurized containers”. Shipping aerosols via air would require another training program per IATA International Air Transportation Association. RangeStore.net can help facilitate should a distributor need to ship via air services such as Next day, 2nd day, Alaska, Hawaii and International. If you have any questions please contact:

Larry Joe Steeley, Jr.
Vice President of Operations


1. View the presentation by clicking HERE

2. Take the short test below. You will receive an email stating your results. You must achieve a perfect score (8 out of 8) to pass.

3. Once you pass the test, you will receive a certificate in the mail.