SJC Titan .308 - 8 Port Rifle Compensator

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.30 cal/.308/AR-10 Titan Compensator. Available in Carbon Steel (Black Oxided) and Stainless Steel materials. Titan compensators have been designed and developed with the input and testing of Grand Master Eric Lund to provide a significant competitive advantage for 3-gun competition. However, the benefits to the hunting rifle and pistol make those heavy boomers fun to shoot again. These Titan Comps can be used on barrels threaded 5/8" 24 t.p.i. They blend smoothly into standard 0.750" barrels, but machining the comp shoulder can blend heavier profile barrels or allow installing with out the need of a washer. The Titans are three gun limited and open divisions legal, and add 2" to your barrel length. The outer diameter is 0.980". Designed with gas vectoring technology to maximize recoil control, minimize torque and shot to shot recovery time. Design traps expanding gasses in the baffles and increases dwell time for maximum efficiency possible.

SJC Titan Compensator

SJC Titan Compensator, as a distributor of SJC Compensators, recommends to follow the manufacturer’s directions to have SJC Compensators installed by a professional gunsmith.

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