Stop Plate Red Steel Target Paint

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Effective 2-22-2022
The MSRP for all colors of Steel Target Paint is $5.79/can. After absorbing numerous cost increases on raw materials in addition to rising labor cost and freight cost, we are forced to increase the selling price on Steel Target Paint. We have not had a price increase in years even though costs have been steadily rising. In the last 12 months we have experienced several sharp cost increases on the steel cans, chemicals, plastics used in the button and cap, and the cardboard boxes. Labor shortages created higher production costs and the transportation costs have tripled. Over the years we have built a steady and loyal customer base. Partnerships have formed over the years due to our generous sponsorship programs as we support those who support us. We have committed to sponsor over 40 matches so far in 2022. Our customers are the best of the best and we are truly blessed and grateful for all of you that have supported our products and our company. Rising cost is something that none of us like. Thank you for your understanding and continued support of Steel Target Paint and
- Larry Joe Steeley, Jr.

Formulated for steel targets. Covers quickly. Fast drying. Protects from rust. Environmentally compliant.

Steel Target Paint comes in a 16 ounce aerosol can with over a full pound of paint in the can. Use our magnetic target templates to create bright, colorful and contrasting target zones on steel plates, gongs, etc. The colors also allow match directors to color-code scenarios during competition stages. For long-distance shooting, these colors can be combined for optimum visibility. Other custom colors are available.

Steel Target Paint

The perfect paint for steel targets. Steel Target Paint covers surfaces quickly and dries fast! This unique, water-based formula protects steel targets from rust and oxidation. Steel Target Paint was designed for shooting ranges, shooting clubs, parks and private ranges and for match competition. Common enamel paints dry slow and have typically 40% less paint in the can than Steel Target Paint. Steel Target Paint lays down a matte finish which diffuses sunlight and mirage. We also have Target Stencils available. To protect steel targets and stands from rust, use Red Oxide Primer Paint as a base coat before painting with Steel Target Paint.

Steel Target Paint has the following benefits over other paints found on hardware store shelves:

  • 16 oz of paint fill vs 10-12 oz found in hardware store paint.
  • Very high resin/solids content for maximum coverage and visibility.
  • High flow button sprays out fast for quick coverage.
  • Water-based formula for environmental concerns.
  • Fast-drying.

NOTE: Due to the high resin/solids content, it is important to invert the can after spraying and give it two or three quick shots to clear the valve button to keep from clogging.


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     WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to