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Posted by John B. Holbrook, II on November 15, 2019 sells so many fantastic, super-useful products for firearms owners – it would be hard to pick which one is the “best.” But I can tell you hands down which product is the one I use the most - Knuckles Hand Cleaner Towels. Firearms enthusiasts know how difficult it is cleaning both your firearms and your hands (after shooting or after cleaning your firearm). Fortunately, Knuckles Towels solves both problems exceedingly well. It’s the only product which I’m aware of that not only effectively removes fouling and residue from your firearm, as...

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Posted on October 17th, 2019 by Steve Foster It is hard to believe it has been almost a year ago since the last change of the Peak Stage Times (PST) for Steel Challenge. As anticipated, there will be some changes to the PSTs in some of the fastest and growing divisions in the sport. With more competitors participating in the sport, the competition is getting faster and faster. I was able to see this first hand at the 2019 Alabama Steel Challenge Championship at the CMP Range in Talladega, Alabama. Team Steel Target Paint competitor, Chris Barrett was able to...

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