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Most of the practical shooting community is in their “off season” as most major matches run between March and November. For me, it’s a great time of the year to spend more time with family and friends, recharge my competitive batteries, but also to prepare my firearms for the upcoming shooting season. That means going through each of the firearms I shoot in competition and doing a complete disassembly and a through cleaning and lubrication - magazines too. The product that I’ve been using to accomplish this task in recent years is Silicon Spray from Rainbow Technology. In short, Silicon Spray is the best product I’ve found to clean and lubricate a firearm because it was developed by Rainbow Technology for industrial applications. It was developed to successfully lubricate and protect molds, motor bearings, linkages, tools, meters, locks, switches, and other industrial equipment which are required to function reliably in working temperature ranges between -40°F to 400°F. Similar products developed by and for the firearms industry simply aren’t developed to these specifications. And because Silicon Spray is widely used by an industrial market that’s much broader than relatively small pool in which the firearms industry exists, Silicon Spray is a much less expensive product than those only marketed within the firearms industry - economies of scale. Silicon Spray costs just $3.95 per can on

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Posted by John B. Holbrook, II on November 15, 2019 sells so many fantastic, super-useful products for firearms owners – it would be hard to pick which one is the “best.” But I can tell you hands down which product is the one I use the most - Knuckles Hand Cleaner Towels. Firearms enthusiasts know how difficult it is cleaning both your firearms and your hands (after shooting or after cleaning your firearm). Fortunately, Knuckles Towels solves both problems exceedingly well. It’s the only product which I’m aware of that not only effectively removes fouling and residue from your firearm, as...

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